Family Activities

Come join us every month for a family activity! Whether we are playing games, making crafts, telling stories, or sharing food together, the family activities are a great way to spend quality time with your family and grow closer together!

Family Life Coaching

Family Life Coaching is an exciting new practice that is a perfect fit for any family! Family Life Coaching focuses on families identifying together the aspects of their life they want to improve and then helping the family create, and make progress on their self-identified goals. Oftentimes, many of life’s struggles don’t require counseling, but can be resolved with a good family life coach! Sign-up today and see how it can help you improve your life!

Counseling & Mediation

The Family Life Center has trained staff that are equipped to help families of all shapes and sizes with the harsh challenges that life can sometimes bring. Whether your family needs help with serious issues or legal matters, our licensed counselors and certified mediators are here to help make navigating these challenges smoother and less disruptive.

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Community Events

Be a part of our community and spend time with us at the Family Life Center! Clothing swaps, board game and book libraries, cultural celebrations and more are offered regularly and promote community fun, and togetherness!

Substance Abuse Treatment

Redwood Recovery is our outpatient treatment program at the Family Life Center. We offer both intensive (9-19 hours) and general (1-9 hours) weekly outpatient treatment programming that includes an initial assessment, weekly individual sessions, and weekly therapy and educational groups.
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