Family Life Center Framework


Families interacting joyfully & compassionately throughout life.


Cultivating healthy marriages & families that implement principles of love, joy, hope, community, & spirituality.


  1. Healthy Partnerships – Improving communication & conflict resolution in family & interpersonal relationships
  2. Love/Unity – Promoting the gift of love & the bond of unity through harmonic interactions
  3. Joy – Cultivating happiness through perseverance, grateful hearts, & shared meaning
  4. Service – Experiencing the value & reward of serving others
  5. Hope – Developing self-worth, personal acceptance, & confidence in one’s journey
  6. Spirituality – Connection with Something greater than self, including a set of higher values & principles, as a source for building & improving relationships.


To enrich family & individual life by providing resources & support that encourage healthy interaction & development for families of all shapes and sizes.


  1. Value – Be recognized as a valued community resource center that enriches marriage & family life
  2. Family Memories – Create memories through meaningful, fun activities that engender healthy interaction
  3. Education – Provide exceptional marriage & family enrichment courses that improve relationship dynamics & overall family & individual well-being
  4. Coaching – Implement our Intentional Parenting program for families with children, teens, & young adults
  5. Parenting – Improve responsibility & engagement for fathers & mothers in traditional, blended, divorced, single, & non-custodial settings
  6. Mediation – Promote awareness of mediation & counseling services, when needed.

A Message from Our Staff

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Listen to one of our parenting coaches describe the Family Life Center and the positive impact it can have on the community.